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The Mandarin City course was exactly tailored to my needs and produced the results I was hoping for. The quality of instruction is extremly high and the staff ensures that the students are well cared for and leave satisfied. Highly recommend Mandarin City for all levels of Mandarin Study.


Courses overview

Express Course

Are you short on time and just want to learn some basics Mandarin Chinese?
An Express course can help you to solve your language problem today!
This course is designed for those will only be in Shanghai for a short period of time but need to know specific Chinese vocabulary for an appointment, job assignment, presentation or an examination.
No pre-registration required. Just call us 3 hours in advance!

Express Course : RMB 200/hour.

Practical Course 

Speaking Mandarin Chinese will help you with different task in your daily life. With Practical Courses from Mandarin City, you learn to communicate easily in Mandarin. This course will provide you with custom made courses adapted to your needs and your skill level. It includes four parts: spoken language, listening, comprehension and writing.

Prices :

Prices per person per lesson in RMB.

Business Chinese

Are you working for a company in Shanghai or building your own business?
You'll need to know how to speak Chinese in a business setting. Our tailored courses will provide you specific Chinese business vocabulary that relates to your kind of business.
Business courses can be provided at your office or at our home.Mandarin City's Business Chinese course is based on communication for company affairs. It includes four
parts: spoken language, listening, comprehension and writing.

Prices :

Business Courses - Prices

Per person per lesson in RMB

Chinese Characters Course

Chinese Character courses prepare students who want to both read and write Chinese.
It not only teaches students how to write but also teaches students about the development of Characters following the social evolution.

HSK Course

This course is designed to help students increase their Chinese skills within a short time.
The HSK course is centered around the HSK Test. It includes three levels: (basic) elementary,
intermediate and advanced. The test also requires that students be able to read Chinese Characters. With this certification you can certify your Chinese level!

Culture Course

Mandarin City Culture courses not only introduce Chinese culture but also enriches the students Chinese
experience. It has a lot of different parts like music, art, history Chinese customs, idioms and more. 

It also can be tailored to the students request.

Shanghai Dialect

The Shanghai Dialect course is designed for the students who want to specifically learn Shanghai dialect. Native
Shanghai teachers will teach the students how to speak the Shanghai dialect authentically.

Children Program

Mandarin City's Children Program is for children who are 14 years old and younger and is tailored 
to the each child's Chinese level and learning style. This course helps children improve their Chinese efficiently through various activities.

Online Class    How it works

Online Classes can be given by skype or over the phone. It's made for the students who are living out of
Shanghai and currently is very popular. 

Summer Program Introduction

Mandarin City host an interaction-oriented Mandarin learning experience Summer Program. This high quality Chinese Language Summer Program is for young people from primary school to university, and is organized by experienced, professional teachers.

During the program, Mandarin City will provide well-designed Chinese courses, a wide range of sports and other
leisure activities full and various entertainment programs and a selection of fun excursions.

1) Morning language classes to build a good foundation of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2) Afternoon electives designed to provide different Chinese culture activities including Taiji Quan,
Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese cooking etc.

3) Weekend cultural activities help students experience China's cultural heritage, the Chinese
life-style and many chances to meet new friends abroad. Weekend tours include Shanghai and close
cities like Hangzhou, Suzhou etc.

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